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Built With Integrity.

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About LTD Construction

Built With Integrity

LTD Construction Inc., is a small company that builds big projects, in Northern Michigan, and beyond.

We started the company with that as our goal, to stay small, so that we are able to give every customer personal service as we build the large projects that we love to build.

David Thompson, the president of LTD Construction Inc., has been building since he was 15 years old, starting out as a laborer, building Farmer Jack grocery stores. He has worked on many residential and commercial projects, for eight different employers, gaining experience and insight on the correct and incorrect ways of doing things in the construction industry. And also, more importantly, that there was a need for employees, subcontractors and clients, to be treated with respect and dignity, an element that was lacking in the construction industry. This philosophy, and our excellent workmanship, has built a well respected reputation in Northern Michigan.

In August of 1994, David and Linda Thompson started LTD Construction Inc., with four simple goals:

  • Produce high quality construction projects
  • Run organized, tightly scheduled projects
  • Have fair, competitive pricing
  • And, most importantly, to provide well paying jobs, with an emphasis on mutual respect between employee and employer.